Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann 10 April 1755 – 2 July 1843, a German physician, created an alternative medicine practice called Homeopathy. Dr. Samuel Hah- nemann of Germany is known as the pioneer of this miraculous science and art of treating intractable diseases.

While we share the name and the history of a NGO that founded in 1996, the Hahnemann charitable Mission society of today is focus on homeopathy medical facilities , agriculture sector, urban & rural development, women & child development, health & sanitation , family welfare, environmental conservation , livelihood &capacity building, agro food processing . Innovation, perseverance and close attention to agriculture, urban, rural & disadvantageous peoples have characterized Hahnemann since it’s founding.

HCMS is an association formed by as a voluntary endeavor primarily as a social service institution based on no-profit basis, having no political intention and make variety of socially and locally based service.


To improve health, economic & social wellbeing of rural & urban communities through sustainable agriculture development, income generating activities, education & awareness program & enhanced livelihood& capacity building for all


We envisage rural & urban communities sharing happiness, peace and love: understanding its own economic, social and environmental problems, equipped with appropriate technology and able to organize and fight for its needs.