Can I volunteer for HCMS’s environmental education initiatives?

HCMS welcomes volunteers from India and other countries to work in its programmes and activities share their experiences as well as learn.

Recognizing that youth can act as catalysts in bringing about change, and seeking to tap their energy, volunteers, use a variety of methods (from puppets to slide shows) to create awareness on environmental issues among college students and the general community.

If you wish to volunteer with HCMS, send your bio-data

How do I apply for a job in HCMS?

Regular appointments of scientific and other administrative staff are done through national advertisements and tests. Advertisements appear in major national dailies as well as on this website. The successful candidates can work with any of the Groups, as well as move among Groups.

Project appointments are short term recruitments to meet the needs of specific projects.

HCMS also has a databank of candidates who have evinced interest in working in HCMS. If you are interested, please send in your biodata

Does CEE offer any training programme??

HCMS conducts different types of training programmes for different target groups. The Centre’s training programmes address the need to capacity build professionals for carrying out effective environmental education and sustainable development programmes. The training programmes, which are of varying durations, are designed to enhance knowledge, understanding and skills with regard to environment, development and environmental education.