Our Success Stories

 Our Success Story

Success is one of the best appreciations for us. The successful history motivates us to complete the task with full energy.

Nursery Management Training Program

We organized the Nursery Management Training for the rural youth with the help of NABARD under Rural Entrepreneurship Development Program successfully. There are a lot of possibilities of entrepreneurship in Agri-based ventures. Our trained youth have established the commercial nurseries. Currently they are doing the business of the Ornamental Plants, Vegetable saplings, medicinal plants, fruit plants, aromatic plants. These youth have become financially independent. They are running their business on their own wish as per market demand. Total 90 students participated in the three different trainings out of them 80 % participant are engaged in the nursery management. They made the nursery management as their career.



 Navjeevan training program

We organized the “Handmade Paper Craft Making training” under Navjeevan Yojana of Excise Department of Rajasthan Government. The training was organized for the rehabilitation of the people who are indulging in the illegal liker trading. These people were indulging in the unsocial task. They got the training of making the handmade paper craft. In the 90 Days training they left their old task and got training. Now these people are self employed in the handmade paper craft making. They are part of the main stream of the society. It is a great successful story for us to provide them an opportunity to leave the unsocial earning source and to come in the main stream of the society. 120 participants have been taken the training under this scheme. Except 10-12 participants’ rest all are engaged in the business of the Handmade paper crafting……..

Medicinal Plantation:-

While working In the western part of country we came to know that the farmer is totally depend on the rain. The agriculture is not a assured source of income for them. Starting from a small group of 5 farmers we give them technology to cultivate the Aloevera crop.  Aloevera is the best medicinal plant which can sustain in the adverse climatic condition. The plant is having good medicinal values.  The farmers agreed to adopt our technology after a period of 18 months the leaves of Aloevera plant were ready to harvest. In the retail market they sold the Aloevera leaves and got a good price. The crop became the regular source of income because they can sell the leaves any time. They became independent with respect to rain. The local medicinal crops can give good source of earning to the farmers because due to climatic condition they cannot be grown in anywhere in the world, if they can be grown then they will not give the quality. Slowly and slowly we covered more crops and more farmers under the medicinal plants cultivation.….. currently there is cultivation of medicinal plants is on the around 2000 Acre land with the complete buy back….


Waste land Management:-

A huge land is unused in Rajasthan it in not giving any production. Due to the land and soil condition regular crop cannot be grown it the economic condition of local people is also not good because they is not inflow of the money in the society. These conditions lead them to live in worst living standards. Mostly the people belong to tribal and backward class of the society. Under the west land management program we started the Jatropha Plantation. Jatropha is highly demanded plantation in respect to the energy generation.  For a period of 4-5 years the project went under the hibernation. After the 5 yeasr the plants started to produce the Jatropha seeds. The people of local community were asked to collect the Jatropha seeds. They stared to collect 3-4  kg seeds per day with their daily work of animal grazing. This project came as a best source of income for them. The west land became the one of highly productive land with respect to the social development, income generation, environment conservation, wasteland land development and the renewable energy source generation. This jatropha plantation has become the regular source of the income for them…..


Capacity development of women 

Normally women manage our home, but, if the families are poor then the liability of women increase. They have to work as an earning source. Normally the women are not having any skills they have to work as a labor. For this they have to go far from their home and they are paid very less. We did a survey in the rural areas of jaipur. We identified the target women. After completing the survey we choose a cluster and made a self help group. This group of women was given the training of the embroidery work in the Sari and cloth. They were linked to the business men of the Jaipur. The business men were happy with the quality of the work. The labor was also cheaper than the city. The women started to earn in a satisfactory manner. The best thing was they didn‘t have to go far away from his house, it was a in house source of the earning. Slowly and slowly more Self Help Group were formed and involved in these programs, today this program has been associated with the “Priyadrashani Adarsh SHG” scheme of the Women and Child Development Welfare department of the Rajsthan Govt…… till date all the women are directly engaged in the embroidery work. They are earning regularly as per the availability of the time.

Dairy Development:-

The farmers who are not having big land size, they didn’t earn more due to the fix cost. Their marginal profit didn’t increase after a limit due to small size of land.  After a study we came to know that the dairy is a success full venture for the small size land holding farmers.  We choose a group of farmers who are having less than 2 acre Land. We started with two milking animals. They were financed from the bank.  With the help of advance technology and method they started to earn in good amount. Within one year they purchased five animals and they earned a good amount from the dairy business. Beside this they were trained to produce the vermi-compost from the dung. The vermi-compost started to give the extra income. Now these people are successfully running their dairies. Currently there is one big dairy of the around 200 animals and 25  are other with up to 5 animals.  


Stevia cultivation:-

Stevia cultivation in India is a one of the most successful story for us. Initially the people were doing the stevia cultivation on their own just on the basis of the mouth to mouth communication. Without the proper guidance they became unsuccessful after a time period they up rooted the crops from the field .We studied the whole scenario. We came to know that the future of crop is good in India but due to the proper marketing Chanel they became unsuccessful.    We worked on this crop first of all we encourage the industrialists to establish the stevia extraction. One of the respected members established the stevia extraction unit. Now we encouraged the farmers to start the stevia cultivation. With the help of latest technology the farmers got profitable income from the stevia. Currently the farmers are growing stevia on 400 acre land under the buyback agreement from the different buyers. The buyers are also happy to get the quality production directly from the farmers. The area of stevia cultivation in India is increasing day by day.