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To provide the financial freedom it is very essential that there should be a well managed strong market channel, so that the grower/producer can get the excellent price of their produce. The consumers also get the value of his money due to an efficient market channel. The problem with current marketing system is that grower doesn’t get the genuine buyers and another side the genuine buyer doesn’t get the actual produce/buyer.  HCMS works as a platform and provide genuine buyer and producers. The buyer provides the buyback before starting the cultivation.


Sunrise Agriland development and Research (p) Ltd, Jaipur


Company is having good hold in the market. It deals in the business of organic farm input and the high-tech agriculture. The company provides. Total solution for the high tech agriculture like green house installation, drip irrigation installation, Neem oil based bio pesticides, vermin compost, good quality planting material etc. The company is also dealing the business of medical herbs and their processing.


Agarwal Sales Corporation, Jaipur


The company provides the implement related to the agriculture, like combine, tiller, seed drill, harrow, plough, deep plough etc. The company is dealing in the excellent quality fruit and vegetables, seeds, planting material other agricultural products.


Ganpati Trading Company, Jaipuir


The company is in the business of the trading or the agriculture commodity like grain, pulsed, cereals. The company also provides the solution of post harvest technology, supply chain management, storage, and warehouse and godown facility.  


Agarwal Exports, Jaipur


The company exports the agriculture commodity medicinal herbs, fruts, vegetable, the company is having the food processing center, drying facility.